Western Balkan Workshops

In December 2019 we organized the Western Balkan workshops in Skopje, Belgrade and Mostar.


These workshops were some of the results of a two-year EU funded project, MY-GATEWAY. MY-GATEWAY’s objective was to boost entrepreneurship in the Central and Eastern European region with the idea to transfer its main outcomes to the Western Balkan region. To do so in the most profitable way, MY-GATEWAY´s Western Balkan Committee members[1] chose, according to the needs of their region, which of these results could be most beneficial to their region and their network. In some cases, parts of the workshops would be tailor-made to the needs of the area. For instance, between Serbia and Czech Republic there are many cross-border collaborations which are not widely known, and CzechInvest, our partner in the Czech Republic, provided an ad-hoc presentation on these opportunities during the workshop in Belgrade.

The key information which was shared amongst the three Western Balkan hubs we have worked with can be found here.


What topics were discussed?

  1. Technology Transfer Methodology
  2. Talent Acquisition Model
  3. EU funding opportunities for startups
  4. Czech-Serbian opportunities

Technology Transfer Methodology

Universities have two goals: expanding the global knowledge base and teaching. Both are promoted through research which, usually, is public funded and not always reliable. The need to cooperate more with the private industry is latent: this way the innovative products that are the outcome of research can rely on another source of funding, and can find a place in the market more easily. 

To see how to implement the Technology Transfer Methology at your university, click here.


Talent Acquisition Model

Rapid changing social and business environments are visible in every aspects of life influenced by the new innovative age. On industry level, technology today is creating diverse and novel jobs, and next generations will have to be equipped with different skills and talents in order to efficiently adapt to the new age.

To learn more about how to match the right talent to the right job and find out which skills are needed today, click here.


EU funding opportunities for startups

Where to look for opportunities? How to apply? Do you have the needed requirements to apply?

Contact Europa Media for further information.


Czech-Serbian opportunities

CzechInvest would be happy to tell you more about the open calls and possibilities to work together with the Czech Republic to make your business grow!

Contact them here.


[1] The Western Balkan committee members are respectively: Seavus Education and Development Centre, Startup Serbia and Spark Accelerator. They have worked with MY-GATEWAY since the very beginning of the project, and are also founding members of the Startup Europe Networks.